Hey to all you metal heads and rockers out there. I am Vix - the Angel Of Metal. 

Here is the shortened/fast-track version of what I've been up to.

In 2004 at age 14, I started going to local gigs and became interested in promotions, supporting the underground and organising local events. This quickly led to promoting internet radio station HARD ROCK RADIO LIVE and Roadrunner Records. In September 2006 I started college and studied Media.

In early 2007 I launched my website and began reviewing cd's and local gigs.  Video, audio and text interviews with independent and signed artists as well as professionals from the music industry have become the main focus of my website.


Following great advice, feedback and encouragement, I realised I had found my calling. This is what I wanted to do.

The first band I interviewed was American hard rock band HYDROGYN in York (yep I travel up to 150 miles in support of my project).  Later, I was offered a position DJing on the Top 10 Metal Internet  Radio Station - HARD ROCK RADIO LIVE and you can find me there every Thursday 4-6pm GMT/11-1pm EST.  In late 2007 I got involved with PRESTON FM, my local community radio station. I had to give up college radio as my duties increased at Preston FM to DJ and Voluntary Station Manager. My weekly show is broadcasted live every Wednesday 8-10pm GMT/3-5pm EST.

My first major festival to cover as press was BLOODSTOCK in 2007 where I was totally thrown in at the deep end!  I would just like to thank Clive Leighton of PUBLIC-i for giving me my first opportunity at Bloodstock. I met some awesome people, continued to promote the festival via my radio shows, flyer campaigns and in 2009 I was invited to be on the official Bloodstock Podcast team. In 2009 I did some main stage announcements which was a real buzz. It was also at Bloodstock that I had the good fortune to meet my favourite Swedes of all time...WOLF, who asked me if I'd like to set up a street team page for the UK. Wolf Warriors UK was born.

HELLFIRE Festival is the most exciting indoor festival in the UK, organised by Rob Ferguson of TRANSCEND MEDIA GROUP. Rob invited me to head up the Transcend Records Street Team which we launched in 2009. I am stoked to be a Hellfire Festival Torch Bearer.

I am very proud to sponsor ROCK ON PRESTON which is an initiative to showcase local talent.

I am currently in my first year studying a Single BA (Hons) Degree in PR at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire). I'm a true Lancashire lass at heart.

I see my job right now as supporting the scene and gaining as much experience as I possibly can. What is the scene you ask?
Heavy Metal, Thrash, Metalcore, Hardcore, Doom, Black, Prog, Industrial, Gothic, Power, Classic Rock - hell I don't give a damn, it's all metal at the end of the day and I simply love it! To stick to one specific style would just be too boring.

Whilst rock and metal are my main areas of interest, I have also interviewed a world renowned magician/illusionist, an award winning horror author as well as entertainment industry professionals.

Angel Of Metal has been amazing as it has introduced me to so many awesome people I wouldn't usually meet within the music industry.  I would just like to thank all the record labels, promoters, bookers, publicists, managers, agents, festival organisers, journalists, webzines, radio stations, DJs, fans and obviously the bands who have worked with me so far. It's been fun, challenging, and damn hard work and this is just the beginning!

Feel free to get in touch, whether it be for requests, business or just basic chatness! TRA! x.x.

Nationality: British
Favourite food: All rofl
Pets: Purdey, my cat and Jack my dog.
Additional Interests: PR/Media/Musical Theatre.
Favourite book: The Laminated Book of Dreams.
Favourite movies: Star Wars, LOTR (walking in 1,2 & 3 kudos to Kevin Smith), Tim Burton and Mel Brookes. I love comedies and horror.
Band I want to interview: Iron Maiden.
Things I want to do before I die: Travel the World.
Things I'm scared of: Spiders.
Most embarrassing moment: Still collecting them.
Favourite Cartoon: Family Guy
Favourite Comedians: Bill Bailey, Billy Connolly, Russell Brand