I would like to welcome Charlotte to the Angel Of Metal team.  She will be reviewing cds and loves Black, Death and Symphonic Metal.

Charlotte has always been an unusual girl, her musical tastes being no exception. Born in the sterile albeit abysmal depths of Barnet in 1986 she was treated to a pretty good South Eastern life and was fed a  diet of classical and jazz. Curiously enough she was picked out of a crowd to play the flute, because she had the right shaped lips?!

It came as no surprise that she'd eschew the flute in favour of the heretical tastes of Maiden, Metallica and Anthrax ten years later. Despite this, she has remained open to classical and jazz, passing through a variety of chamber choirs in later years. 

Whilst entrenched in university studying for her English degree she played a selection of underground metal sets at a local metal venue, so every Tuesday at 9pm the abrasive shrieking of Mayhem, Darkthrone Enthroned and Samael were to be heard assailing the Welsh population of Aberystwyth from the grotty bowels of The Angel pub. 

Now 23 and working for veritable English Charity The National Trust recruiting new generations of twin set pearls and tweed jacket types she writes freelance for metal webzines, poetry, and is currently working on two fiction books. She also paints in her spare time.