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Angel House at the Hotel California, 8th June, 2007

Angel House formed in 2004 with brothers Pete Easthope (Vocals, Guitar), Phil Easthope (Bass, Vocals) and joining them,  Simon Cooper (Drums).

Whilst Angel House would initially seem to appeal to a more mature audience, I have to say I was tapping my foot and banging my head in appreciation of this mighty trio from Birmingham.  They have stepped up to the challenge of emulating a timeless sound that was borne from the roots of heavy rock.

Angel House clearly pays homage to 70s/80s British Rock heroes and their influences from NWOBHM along with the great classics Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy. With thoughtful lyrics and great riffs, clear yet strong vox from Pete Easthope, they delivered an awesome set.  I listened to their CD on the way home, but it did not compare to their live performance.  Don’t get me wrong, the CD is fantastic and very good listening indeed, but I was mesmerized instantly from start to finish when these guys picked their instruments up.  Go see them and check it out for yourself!

Angel House was presented with an award of “Artist Gold Award 2006” from Radio Gets Wild, going up against international acts.

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