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Andre Bendigtsen – Where Angels Fall

Andre is the guitarist and is also responsible for the programming of the Norwegian Metal/Gothic/Rock band, Where Angels Fall.


Q Tell me a little about Where Angels Fall, when did the band form and how you all met?
A It all started back in late 2003 when I set out to find some musicians to form a band and to record some demo songs I had written. I found our now former drummer Ole Kristian through an add on the net, and Eirin and Kristian joined shortly after. Some three weeks later, we went to a studio and recorded the said demo songs, as well as two songs Eirin wrote, which would come to be the Dies Irae MCD.


Q  How do the lyrics and music come together in your song writing and how much input do you have into the ideas behind your work?
A It usually starts with me, or Eirin, having an idea of a riff or theme. Then I record a pre-production of the various  instruments and Eirin creates the lyrics and vocal lines. Then Kristian records the basslines, and we all arrange the different parts into the complete song. So we all have some input on the finished songs. :-)


Q  Where do you take your inspiration from?
A I’m not sure really. I’ve always had music in me, and now and then a good idea pops out. :-) It can be triggered by a song or an emotion, or anything I’ve seen or experienced.


Q  Which song to date are you most proud of?

That’s a tough one. It must be something from the upcoming album, since I think all of us have evolved as both musicians and songwriters since the Illuminate album, and there are a few songs there where the different instruments and vocal lines melt together in a very different way from the Illuminate album.

From the Illuminate album it would probably be The Game (Fooled Again) though, as it was the first song we wrote together as a band!


Q How long have you been a musician, did you take any formal training or are you self taught?
A I started playing the guitar when I was about 14, so that would be a good 14 years ago. (argh!) I have no formal training and basically learned to play though Guns N’ Roses tab books. :-)


Q What frustrations or challenges would you say face new bands?
A Well, getting their music out and promoting the band and music is still a challenge. And the fact that running a band is extremely expensive both in equipment and other expenses, so money is always both a challenge and frustration. :-)


Q Which bands do you listen to?
A Oh, that varies a lot. I enjoy most kinds of music depending on the mood. My favourite genres are metal and rock, and I have a thing for female fronted bands. ;)


Q  Describe life in Oslo, the metal scene etc.
A The metal scene here is quite good. There are a few good metal venues in town where lots of known and unknown bands get to play.


Q Do you hope or have plans to tour?
A We don’t have any tours planned yet, but we do hope to get on the road in the future and try out our material abroad.


Q Where can people buy your latest CD “Illuminate”?
A It should be available in various stores throughout Europe. In the US it can be ordered from Sonic Cathedral (www.soniccathedral.com) or our US distributor The End Records (www.theendrecords.com) . And of course, there’s always the band’s own webshop at www.whereangelsfall.com . We greatly appreciate the use of that one! :-) hehe...


Q It is a tradition of Angel of Metal to finish on a completely random/fun note, so with that in mind, we all have albums in our collection that, years later, we find embarrassing.  What is yours?
A Hehe… well, I have a story there. My father did service in Yugoslavia a few years back, and since CDs were pretty cheap there I asked him if he could buy some Black Sabbath albums. Sure, he could do that! Now, my father takes EXTREMELY little interest in music, and probably couldn’t tell a guitar from a banjo. It ended up with him buying what he thought was Black Sabbath. It was a double album called “Best of Black 2000” which is a compilation of songs by black musicians. Not that embarrassing, but definitely sorts under random/fun notes. :-)


Go to the following sites to check out more about this new fresh band -

www.whereangelsfall.com and www.myspace.com/whereangelsfall


I would like to thank Andre for taking part in this short Q & A text interview and wish Where Angels Fall all the best for the future.


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