<bgsound src="leave.wma" loop=infinite> August at The Tavern, Wigan 23rd Feb 07

The members of August have been here and there, going from pub jams to friends just playing covers. Members Danny and Loz have been jamming together for 10 years, as you can tell by their expertise and chemistry on stage. From playing covers at jam sessions and pubs, they decided to form a band. But the problem was that they needed a drummer. Tylo stepped in for the challenge, and they became the trio known as – August.

There were four bands playing at The Tavern, August was third.

They opened the set up with their own song ‘Leave Me Be’, I thought it showed the band really well, with the heavy riffs, and rocking out style. Certainly made you want to pit. With Mr Loz Cook’s style and a James Hetfield twist, it gave August their distinct sound. Danny on bass was entertaining to watch. Through out the whole set I don’t think his head stopped, and keeping the beats louder was Tylo, he made drumming look easy, but from personal experience – its not!

The band carried on through the set enjoying and drinking their beer, doing power stance and owning that stage during Let It Go,
Reject, Tiki God (a mightily beefed up version by the guys. but originally by the Presidents Of The United Stated Of America), carrying on with Disaster Plan and 6 Ft Under

From hearing them play you would have thought August had been together for a while, but I was talking to them after the show, and they said that this was their first time playing their own material! If they play and act like this now, they are gonna take the scene by storm! Go for it lads!

To check out more on these hard rockin’ amigos, go on www.myspace.com/augustuk

Till next time. Keep it Loud  


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