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Anders Sevebo is the bass player for Swedish metallers, Cellout. They have a great modern sound and are well worth checking out.


Q Please give me a brief history of the band?

It all started with Robert who had recorded some songs in late 2003. He needed someone to lay down some vocals on those tracks and he heard Percy singing in another band. Robert asked Percy if he was interested to sing on those songs and he said, yeah weīll give it a try. They were both very pleased with the result and decided to form a band and start writing more songs together. They found me thru an ad on the internet looking for a bass player who plays with a pick instead of fingers for a more aggressive sound. The funny thing is that they just put the ad up like 5 minutes before I saw it and answered it, hahaha. I contacted them and sent them some stuff I've played on before and they liked what they heard. No audition at all. The week after we had the first CellOut rehearsal, at that time with another drummer.

CellOut are:

Percy Meyhagen - Vocals/guitar

Robert Monegrim - Guitar/background vocals

Anders Sevebo - Bass/background vocals

Robin Lagerqvist - Drums
Q Who would you invite to be in your own super group?

I'm  playing in a super group right now, ha ha. If we talk about famous people that I really admire the band would look something like this:

Vocals: Layne Staley (One of my all time favorite singers, RIP Layne)

Guitar: Dimebag Darrell (He was and still is the best metal guitar player ever, my favorite guitar player of all time)

Damn, did that guy influence a lot of guitar players. Heīs so missed by the metal community. RIP Dime

Drums: Joey Jordison (heīs a monster behind the drums)

Bass: Me, hahahaha
Q What has been your biggest obstacle and challenge as a band so far?

I donít know really if we had any obstacles yet but I'm sure it will come soon. The biggest challenge must have been when we opened up for Ill Nino and really won their audience over. I will never forget the show in Gothenburg on that mini tour, it was magic. Even Jardell from Ill Nino said that we had a better reception from the crowd that night than they did and I agree J

Q "World In My Eyes" was chosen as the demo of the month at the Swedish National Radio Show P3 Rockster in June and you have received some great reviews.  How does it feel to have your music recognized and did you significantly benefit from this exposure?

It feels really good. It means that people appreciate and like what we do and thatís all that counts. Of course, all the good reviews and exposure like that benefit the band in many ways.

Q I notice that you have four songs on your myspace player available for download.  What would you say are the advantages of offering free music, and does it add to your popularity?

At this point as an unsigned band we just wanna get our music out to as many as possible and the only way is to give it to the people for free. I think itís a great way for unsigned bands nowadays with sites like Myspace to get the band exposure and a possible record deal. It adds to our popularity for sure giving away the music, no doubt about that.

Q What do you think makes your audience relate to your music the most?

I donít know really It's great songs, heavy but with melodic vocals and catchy choruses. I personally love to listen to our songs, I know its taboo to listen to your own band's songs but I can honestly say I do enjoy it J

Q How often do you rehearse?

I love to rehearse, but I think I'm the only one in the band who really loves it. I love playing music, it doesnít matter if itīs rehearsals or live (but I prefer live, haha) Unfortunately we rehearse way too seldom. Just before shows more or less.

Q Which band is in your mp3 player right now?

I donít have an mp3 player so that would be no one, hahaha. I really donít listen that much to music except for radio at work. When I'm at home I donít listen that much to music, it's mostly the TV thatís on and if I put something on it's usually a live music DVD.

Q Are you a hopeless romantic?

I think I am. I have met my soulmate and I'm so damn in love right now. But I guess my Baby would be the one to answer that question.

Q Any plans to come to the UK? If not, what is in the pipeline for Cellout over the next year?

We would love to come to the UK but as an unsigned band thatís almost impossible to do without tour support or a management/promotor. But if something really good comes up we will definitely come and tour the UK. If we look at the reactions from the fans I would say that the UK and the US would most definitely be our main market as a band. Right now we will concentrate on writing and recording new material and our hopes are that we can release something before the end of 2007.

Q For fun, if you had to listen to just one band for the rest of your life, which band would you choose?
A CellOut, no doubt, hahaha ;)


To check out more about Anders and CellOut,

visit  http://www.myspace.com/cellout




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All the bass!!!

Anders // CellOut


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