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Q & A for Dave Evans

Dave Evans was one of the original founding members of ACDC and now has a solo career with the release of Sinner (DA RECORDS). Being in ACDC at the beginning must have been a blast but I have limited my questions to just two about this time.  His current projects warranted enough of my interest to see what Dave is all about.  Take the time to check him out.


Q Having left home at an early age - 16, experienced the trappings of early fame, been around the music industry for most of your life, has your philosophy on life changed at all?
A I have always had an open mind to all ideas and thoughts and I hope to always learn more. When I was in my late teens I realized that the more I knew, the more I didn’t know. Learning is never over and the mystery of life and death has still not been answered for me.
Q I have been an active member for a number of years of the local theatre group on an amateur level and enjoy it very much.  I understand acting and theatre has been one of your interests too.  Can you tell me how that all started?
A Being born in Wales, before the family emigrated to Australia when I was still a little boy, I had the sense of poetry, song and the ancient bards of Wales and was surrounded by the old castles and heard the stories of Arthur and Merlin et al. I also saw my father on the stage, singing and acting, so it was in my blood as it were. I wrote, directed, produced and starred in my first play when in primary school as a project given to me by the head teacher as he saw some talent in this area. I also did the same in High School when I was 15yrs old for the drama students. I always sang in all the school concerts as well.
Q You joined ACDC in 1973, and shot to fame pretty quickly.  Do you think sudden fame/egos/youth played a large part in your break up with ACDC?
A Yes, you got it.
Q Not wanting to harbour on politics and bad feeling at that time, as any break up can be difficult to all parties, what is your best memory of ACDC?
A There are so many. The first recording, the first film clip, listening to our hit, CAN I SIT NEXT TO YOU, GIRL?  on the radio stations but performing at the Sydney Opera House to the packed crowd is something I will never forget
Q You’ve travelled all over the world and are currently living in the USA.  Why did you choose Texas?
A I was introduced to musicians here from a contact in Europe while I was touring there and Texas is a great place to be.
Q You’ve received a nomination for the LA Music Awards, how does that feel?
A Wonderful !!
Q How has your album “Sinner” been received so far?
A Sinner has had great reviews everywhere.
Q Can you talk a bit about some new songs “Back In The Firing Line”, “Turn It Up”, “Sold My Soul To Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Carnal Knowledge” in terms of your writing process etc.
A Each song has a personal meaning for me but I write them so that the listeners can also relate to them in some way. Each song must have power, energy, dynamics and conviction and have a strong chorus for people to be able to remember immediately and to sing along with.
Q Which decade has been best for you so far?
A My father once told me to enjoy my childhood when I was a little boy. I didn’t know what he meant then but I do now, LOL !!!!!!!
Q Who are your greatest influences and which bands are in your mp3 player today?
A My greatest influences are The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Free and Slade. I don’t carry an mp3 player as I listen to music mostly in the privacy of my home. I listen to so many different genres of music and not just rock.
Q What is in the pipeline for you in terms of tour plans, future albums, DVDs etc.?
A I am concentrating on the USA right now but my European fans, mostly German and Austrian are constantly asking me to come back to tour. I hope to also perform other European countries too next time. I have songs for another album and hope to record them soon.
Q For fun, who was your ‘bad ass’ as you were growing up?
A Alexander the Great – Now there was a Badass !!!!!!


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave for taking the time to answer these Qs & As and I hope our paths will cross in person. Best wishes to him and all the best for the future.

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