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Displacement at The Soundhouse, Bolton (Metal Massacre 5) 8th April 2007


Displacement are a 5-piece Thrash Metal band from Bolton.

Their music is unrelenting brutal riffs, speedy tempos and brought together with an uncompromising will to speak their minds on a varied range of subjects.

The Displacement live show is extremely energetic. Every member puts as much effort into their performance as possible, propelling their enthusiasm and energy to the audience, and they do their very best to get the crowd involved and thrashing at every single gig.

Music fans can enjoy a savagely raw and brutal edge, topped off with advanced technicalities and creative twists.

Established at the beginning of 2004, we have performed at various gigs and events, sharing the stage with such acts as MENDEED, STRAIN, ALLERJEN, KYRBGRINDER, FOUR WAY KILL and many other great bands. Displacement have produced four solid and well received recordings: "Loud And Pissed Up Bolton Metal Scum" (Oct 04), "Victims Of Tomorrow" (May 05), "The Ancient Rite Of Cannibalism" (April 06) and we finished our latest 6-track offering, "Demons At The Door" in Feb 07. At present we are preparing to return to the studio to produce a 3-track Promo CD.

All members of Displacement have played a key role in developing the live music scene in and around Bolton and are responsible for organising many gigs and all-day festivals to provide quality music and attract many established bands to play in Bolton.

For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/displacement

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Photos courtesy of www.eyekonicimages.com