<bgsound src="where.wma" loop=infinite> Elsket is the vocalist and guitarist of Italian band, Cries. They have very deep, dark, soul searching lyrics.


Q Hi Elsket, tell me a little about yourself.

It is written that I was born on the 11th of March, in 1984. Elsket means “loved” in Norwegian and Danish. I died on the 9th of March, 2002, and thereafter remained a voice.

Q Now, please tell me a little about your band, Cries.

Actually Cries is not a band, for substantially it’s just me (voice and guitar) and Dunkelheit (drums); all the other characters have been passing by but never lasting, until I’ve become aware of the fact that I’m not destined to have a band. It is me, my world, but it may be others’ one as well. We are next to self-release our first album – die Leiden des jungen Werthers – on the 1st October (it will come later to stores). For the ones who need to classify, our “kind of music” is “amoremorte”.

Q What inspires you to write music?
A Nothing inspires me, and I don’t really write. Music is born naturally when it is it's own time to blossom out. Few times it happened that I wrote words and then made a music of them, like for “Never Live”; it is a letter.
Q Once you’ve written a song, how do you feel?  Would you agree music is an emotional outlet?

Considering the question restrictively, that statement is true; but if the question was concerned about giving a definition to music, then it’s partial, for music is something more than that, for me. When new musics are born, i feel there is one more essence in my world.

Q When did Cries form?

I use two “official” dates: May 2001 and May 2004. The first one is the date when the name Cries came out of my lips for the first time, but it’s only one year later that Cries took the form of what it is, and not only a name. I knew Dunkelheit in June 1998, and in 2000 and 2001 we met some times and played together, but then he retired through the murks of time. May 2004 is the date when I decided to find him again and finally put a band together, also with a bassist and a keyboardist. And I temporaneously succeeded in that, but for a very short time.

Q Cries has had a number of line up changes. Do you think you have a strong, stable line up now?

No. I am always in anxiety and unstableness; currently we don’t have a bassist, and we can play anyway, but I don’t know for how much time this keyboardist will last. I am very tired and I absolutely don’t want to let other time pass in vain, not playing.. I always refused to play with a recorded basis, ‘cause it would not be “live” anymore, and it would not be really playing music.. but compared to not playing at all, I think we should now also consider this alternative. I ache for all the time passed, and lost forever, without playing. I’m always not finding people suitable to play for Cries, so we must now play however, for the sake of Cries. I feel fine when I stand before my microphone, and it’s a feeling that i’ve been missing too much.

Q Your new album Die Leiden Des Jungen Werthers will be released on 1st October. Is this a tribute to Goethe?

No. Die Leiden des jungen Werthers is my favourite book, I read it almost 6 years ago and I really found myself in that, and I made it mine. That is why it became the title of this album. The 1st October is a nice date.. it’s the opening day of an adorable month with beautiful dusks and a magical atmosphere. And it’s the day when we had a concert in a pub for the first time, when I felt I had my band.

Q How long did it take to write?

No time, and all time. It is not that I decide “now I make an album”, neither “now i make a song”. Never experienced such a thing. It holds 10 Cries’ songs from various Cries’ years.

Q Your favourite author, painter, singer, actor and film.

I don’t have a favourite author, painter, singer, actor; but the most beautiful book that I’ve read is the one already mentioned...  then I like a lot the painting “l’edera” (the ivy) by Tranquillo Cremona, “ung kvinne paa stranden” (young woman on the shore) by Edvard Munch, and “Romeo and Juliet” by Frank Dicksee. The most beautiful music is the Canon of J. Pachelbel (1698) performed by a group of French musicians that played in the Paris metro 15 years ago. I own a cassette with that music, and it’s the purest essence. My favourite film is “Troy”. And it’s the saddest film I’ve ever seen... another beautiful one is “Cime Tempestose”, Italian film for the book Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë.

Q What are your plans for the future?

It is harmful to answer this question ‘cause my plans are very often not supported by the events; for much time I felt like a ship sailed to heaven and split down on black rocks, while my lover waiting for me never received the promised jewels I was carrying in me. So now it is better if I don’t reveal purposes as long as they are not becoming effective.

Q Will you be coming to the UK?

Yes. I don’t know when it will happen, and I’ve already tried to set something myself but with no results as yet. But I want therefore I will. And I would love to play in innumerable places in this world...

Q A random question to end on. Would you like to have lived in the 19th century?

I don’t know... and it would depend on what place to be.. probably much before. Beyond everything, I feel I am in my own time. Strong and intense feelings are regardless of centuries.


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