<bgsound src="breath.wma" loop=infinite> Furyon at Cert 18, York 26th Feb 07


Furyon are a 5 piece band from Brighton. They are a classic example of having new metal sound, whilst keeping to the classic metal roots. 


The band opened up with ‘Fear Alone’. This certainly got the audience’s attention. With strong vocals provided by Matt, heavy riffs from Chris Green, rockin’ out on his bass – Simon, and keeping everything in tack on the drums, Lee. Personally, it wasn’t until their second song that I really got a feel for the band. ‘Voodoo Me’ (which is also on their 3 track EP) is one that you can rock out to with it’s hypnotic beat. In the middle of their set they did one beast of a cover of ‘Hanger 18’ by Megadeth. You know where they might have got their influences. Following on from Megadeth, was Furyon’s own song ‘Breath it’ which also appears on the EP. I have to say this is my favourite song by the guys, just how it forms together is totally awesome. I looked around while they were playing it, and people were pulling their metal faces and grooving down with their bad selves! The last two songs were kick ass, wrapping it up with ‘Souvenirs’ and ‘The One’ (which seems to be their signature song) and a fine way to end the set.


As it states on their myspace page “rock music can be hard, heavy, aggressive and yet still audible to anyone who wants to understand what the hell the lyrics are saying” – this is why I bought the EP! Highly recommendable!!!!


The 5 southern lads rocked Cert 18. I hope their return to the north will be soon!


To check out more go on www.myspace.com/furyon


Till next time. Keep it Loud  


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