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Fury UK at Hark To Towler, Tottington, Nr. Bury 24th Mar 07


Fury UK are a 3 piece band based in the Manchester area. Using classic rock sounds, to heavy riffs, to excellent solos, to funky bass and hard rock beats on drums, Fury UK certainly know how to work it!


The lads were playing at Hark To Towler, based in Tottington, Bury – rocking pub with an ‘aha me matey’ feel to it and fantastic atmosphere (www.hark2towler.co.uk), Fury UK chose it to launch their second new album – ‘Face Of Adversity’. 


They opened up with ‘Krueger’ which is a perfect way to start the set and the album as it has a combo of heavy changes, mind blowing guitar solo with excellent vocals from Chris, way cool bass “bongg”ness from Dawson (who has brill hair I may add ;) and completing the mighty trio with his vibrant drumming style – Adz (who smiles throughout and great to see someone clearly enjoying themselves).


The guys played their full album from start to finish. Following their beastie beginning, the guys lead onto ‘Natural Disaster’, which I think is my second favourite track as I like the instrumental side of it, but then again, in contrast ‘Words You Say’ is a mellow song to chill out to. You can put it to any situation. They soon were rockin’ it up with ‘Breakthrough’, which is how I like my rock - aggressive! ‘Breakthrough’ must be the song that really got my attention. Following on was ‘Dream as One’, ‘Wicked Glass’ (total one to turn up to 11, maybe 12 if you want to be bad), ‘Truth’, ‘The End’ (which had a Metallica flare to it, you’ll get me when you listen to it) and then finishing the set and the album with a nice acoustic number – ‘The Lost Soul’. Their set blew me away and I bought their album. WORTH LOOKING INTO PEOPLE!


The lads had a short break, then soon got back up on stage to perform some tracks from their 1st album playing some awesome covers of ‘Voodoo Chile’ by Jimmy Hendrix, ‘Spirit of Radio’ by Rush incorporating ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, and ‘Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be’ by AC/DC (which I sang along to, its AC/DC you have to!) then showing their diversity by playing Trivium ‘Dying In Your Arms’, wrapping up the night with classic Metallica – ‘Seek And Destroy’.


And Adz was STILL smiling, he’s a happy chap!


Overall, a wicked night. It was a pleasure to interview the lads before their set. To check more on these guys as I’ve only scratched the surface, go to www.furyuk.com or www.myspace.com/furyuk


Till next time…


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