As her Myspace describes, Goldy is a hard-rocking, straight-talking 100% Hard Ass American Woman. Sheís a songwriter, a guitar slinger and a professional wrestling personality who plays three instruments, designs her own line of accessories and sings in five languages Ė and thatís just the beginningÖ


Q When did you form your band Goldy lockS, how did you all meet and what made you decide you wanted to work together?
A Originally I was working on a wrestling show. I was commuting between LA and Nashville every week. Playing live in Nashville or surrounding areas is easier than LA for me, so I asked a guy that was running sound at the wrestling show if he played guitar and if so, did he want to be in the band. From there we auditioned numerous dudes, none really working out.  BJ answered the ad for drummer. I remember meeting up with him at Applebeeís and having him say he was pleasantly blown away by the material I sent him links to. He introduced me to another guy on Bass that he was playing with.  He was in the first edition of Goldy lockS.  We took a break to regroup. We have a new cast now, but BJ remains one of the forefathers. We now have 2 guitarists. One having played with some pretty incredible bands. Members from Black Sabbath, Kiss, Alice Cooper, WASP, Testament, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Accept, Yngwie Malmsteem, Mr Big, etc. He has his shit down and can play like a MF. Best of all, his writings is like a God send. I absolutely love his riffs and the chords he chooses to send my way. Itís like a new beginning with Peter and Eddy on guitar as playing and writing is just so much fun. Iím a whore for talented people. I love to be around them.
Q When did you first get into music, and what are your memories of what attracted you to it?
A I started singing in front of pretty big audiences when I was 3 or 4. I got into doing the show tune circuit if you will, through dance recital outlets. A little girl who could belt it out while the students danced was a cool added attraction. I started doing off Broadway and other theater shows such as Annie and The Sound of Music after that. I started to record in the studio when I was 8. All of this was completely my idea and I bugged the hell out of my parents to take me everywhere. My parents helped with a lot. Iím very lucky to have had that support or I donít know if Iíd be as far along as I am.
Q What attracts you to a band first - is it instrumental aspects or vocals and tone? Who do you listen to?
A Songs. Songs. Songs. If I can sing the song in my head, I get really pissed and jealous! I think, I want that!!! Then I know itís good and Iím happy that someone out there got some respect and recognition they deserve. Ain't that easy writing a no one. If a singer can make my skin move, thatís what attracts me. I still listen to Steve Perry and almost faint. God, what a voice, what a gift, what songs that band had. Amazing.
Q Who designed the band logo?
A Damian Valentine, from LA. Heís a bass player, producer, songwriter and musician artist all around. He did that a long time ago. Before skulls were the clichť thing. Nevertheless, he always does a great job at everything.  We have a new updated one in the pipeline. Different artist. I know it will be cool too.
Q What drew you to rock rather than the pop scene, having had some success there?
A Pop is cool. Iíll always dig it. But just as in Country music, itís harder for women to speak their minds. I do that. I try and write songs and messages for the people. So, that includes people of all ages. The pop stuff, I just started to get to be 25, 26 and people would get so pissed at the things I would say. They were real. I think Rock reaches a wider demo of people and the most female wise is tolerated.  I know we are considered second-class citizens. That may change someday, but for now, I got to go where I can do the most damage.
Q Legendary producer, Michael Wagener has described you as a modern day Alice Cooper.  Do you think he meant stage presence or something else?
A Stage presence all the way. What a cool dude to work with. So many years of knowledge and success under his belt.  An amazing human being as well. So blessed to have had that opportunity.
Q Can you describe the making of your CD from writing and pre-production to the recording. How much time did you spend in the studio?
A We do so much preproduction. A lot of it is on stage. We try a tune out to see if it sinks or swims. If it sticks we develop more. Or, now that we have Peter helping with the writing, heíll give me a track and I see what I can do on it. I get down vox and then kick it to BJ. Thatís how it usually works. Then we go record. We do pieces where we can and then concentrate on a good mix.
Q What are some of the songs, lyrics and subjects on your latest CD?
A We have some new stuff in the pipeline that is being currently recorded. Iím excited about it. This is REAL shit. Not some canned, forced crap some label gave to an ďartistĒ and said, ďsing this.Ē  The stuff we write aims at the guts of people of today. Things and topics we can all identify with.  The riffs Iíve been fed as of late are a little more on the dark side, so that extends itself to writing about darker things. Thatís cool. There are a lot of people out there who know real jerk-offs, or people who piss them off, did them wrong, people who have had less than pleasant experiences on this earth. We need some songs about that stuff too. Music has always been just a soundtrack for my life. I like finding tunes out there that outline where I am and where Iím going. I got news for you. Everything in life isnít all sunshine and roses. It can be, but sometimes you need a song that just kind of ďunderstandsĒ where you are, or profiles a topic you have close to your heart. Donít get me wrong; we have plenty of happy tunes too. Iím pop/RnB based. I can write that stuff in my sleep! lol
Q What art, of any kind, do you enjoy?
A Really anything where you look at it and say to yourself, ďDAMN, look at that! What work went into that". Anything good. Illustration, paintings, great songs, even that "So You Think You Can DanceĒ. I watch that at times with such a huge smile thinking, look at the dedication that went into their art. Truly Amazing.
Q Please tell me a little bit about ďThe FactoryĒ, designing unique wristbands, necklaces, bracelets and scarves.
A How cool of you to even mention that. There is a link on and net to my stuff. I had a clothing line when I was doing the pop thing, but now, Iím not under the financial support of that label anymore. So I do more accessories. Cool thing is I do so many custom orders and wholesale sales to other big bands to sell at their concerts. I couldnít ask for anything more on that. Iím so lucky.
Q What is next in your diary for the band?
A Finish recording and secure a new deal. I canít wait.
Q I know you have been heavily involved in the wrestling scene. For fun, which celebrity would you like to get in the ring and why?
A Hugh Heffner. Iíd show him why an STD isnít all he should be afraid of. One punch should do it.


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I would like to thank Goldy for answering these questions.

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