Glyn is a bass player and currently bassin’ it with Blaze Bayley. He is also a talented photographer, and hopes to further his career.


Q Hi Glyn, tell me a little about yourself.

Well I’m a very creative person….. creating, whether it’s music or pix are my passions – need to get my daily fix. I have my demons and vices, like everyone else

Q How long have you been playing bass?
A Back in 1990, I was in a band, singing, then I heard the bass on Metallica’s ‘black album’ I was like ‘holy crap that is so god damn heavy’. I stopped for a while – got disillusioned with bands (very difficult to keep together).
Q Major influences?
A Jason Newsted has always been a major influence – the style is so so solid, then there’s Cliff Burton who was a genius (shame he didn’t use a pick). Then there’s Lemmy of course, then Rex Brown from Pantera, only recently started enjoying his playing to be honest. I dig Gene Simmons playing too, not keen on him as a person though.
Q Now, please tell me a little about your band, Right To Exist.

It’s not really a band. I’ve got loads of riff’s in my head and I’ve hooked up with J who is an amazing guitarist/drummer and is also a recording master. He’s got a full recording set up so we can chop and change stuff as and when. Unfortunately, we’re so disorganised and busy as hell, we’ve 100’s or riff’s ‘down’ just got to get into a room together, get the gaffa tape out and stick ‘em together. The style is allsorts. J’s bigtime into his early Megadeth so there’s influences of that, and there’s some Dime influence too. We’re going to re-record some of the ol’ Magas-eye stuff, and will attempt to get gigging next year when we’ve got various commitment done.

Q What inspires you to write music?

That’s something I’ve never thought about:- Selfish reasons I guess – gotta get all the noise out of my head and if people like it then cool. I guess I use it as therapy!

Q Any tattoos, and if so, which is your favourite?

Tribal design on my left arm/chinese symbols and wings on my back/Dimebag tribute tattoo on my right shoulder, with demon’s and ‘by demon’s be driven’ on my shoulder. The Dime one is my fave. Coz to me Dime symbolised metal and also he was a great human being, always treating people with respect and giving to others 24/7. People rag on me for liking him so much – I say, what’s wrong with idolizing someone that actually did something decent with their life…. Was a good role model musically and in every other way. My 3 year old asked ‘who’s that on  your arm?’ I simply say ‘Someone that was a very good man’.

Q Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
A Bass/photography/photoshop/webdesign
Q Who have you gigged with?

When I was in college, I was in a Rap metal band called Force of Habit, then I formed ‘Driving Force’  Metallica/Sabbath/Judas Priest covers, then I was in ‘Cake or Death’ (pisstake thing really, that got popular). That then evolved into ‘Magas-eye’, we mainly did our own stuff which can be heard at . After magas-eye fell apart, I quit…. then by chance met a drummer called Shaggy and we’ve put together ‘Big Cock’ with Chris from Massai on guitar, doing Judas Priest/Thin Lizzy/ACDC etc covers. (At the mo, I’m singing on that too). Most recently I’ve hooked up with Blaze Bayley and been helping him on with Bass duties.

Q Tell me about Magas-Eye?
A Magas-eye was a word that came to me in meditation, don’t know what it means, but it’s cool. It was the name of the old band….. but when I was thinking of how to market myself as a band photographer I just decided to use the name – why not?
Q Which photography do you prefer? Portraits of people, pictures of nature and buildings or gigs?

That’s tricky, it’s either portraits or bands. With both, you’ve got to really capture the emotion of the moment. Get across to the viewer, the whole ‘story’ behind that moment…..Swirling hair is a very good one.

Q What are your plans for the future?
A I would like to be playing bass and doing the photography. I’ve such a passion for both. Like Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue…..
Q Tell me something that not many people know about you.
A I’m a huge Elvis fan – that guy started it all.
Q For fun, if you were the invisible man for a day, what would you get up to?

Seek out a couple that I know and spend the day whispering in their ear so they think they’re going mad. Might go and jiggle some boobies too!!!!!

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I would like to thank Glyn for taking the time to answer these questions.
All the best to him now and in the future.


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