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Helgrind at The Royal Park Cellars, Leeds – 14th July, 2007

Helgrind is made up of: Paul Nelson - Bass & Vocals, Jim Hunt – Guitars, Simon Ellis – Guitars and Alex Budge – Drums

As their myspace describes, Helgrind’s aim is to be one of the most distinctive, influential and extreme UK thrash metal bands. Their graphic lyrics deal with everything from death and dismemberment to the horrors of life and hell. They deliver full-throttle rhythms with an aggression reminiscent of the early days of their biggest influence -Slayer.

I caught up with them in Leeds and a good laugh was had by all before the interview.

Headlining, Helgrind did not disappoint.  Kickin’ off with “Religious Persecution” bringing a violent upheaval causing great musical destruction! Moving on to “Fallen Prophet” a great black metal solo with the brutal lyrics ‘god can’t hear you…’; if he’s there, I think he can now!! 3rd up was “Face Of Evil” the 2nd track on their EP.  Again, more face melting thrash. Si was F*** Off Brilliant in “Prophecy of Destruction”, his advanced guitar playing made it immense. “Black Mass” was next, with Jim’s solos continuing to shine through, loud, fast and unrelenting. “Albert Fish” took Slayer up two pegs, aggression that never gives up. “Helgrind”, simple riff but again brutal, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the intro but again, another great listen. “Insanity Rules” - Alex was in his element with cataclysmic drums. Finishing off with “One Solution”, Helgrind have recently shot a great video for this song which should hopefully be up on their site soon. In short, their entire set was dynamite.

I seriously recommend you check out more from these guys on  http://www.myspace.com/helgrinduk and www.helgrind.co.uk

Til next time…

Keep It Loud!