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Kid Ego at Rock of Ages, Leeds 2nd June, 2007
Talk about 1980s in the 21st Century! Kid Ego brings the best of that era with all the kick in your face, sit up and listen anyone can muster. And what a listen!
Kid Ego opened their set with ‘Heartbreak Hooker’ with catchy lyrics and beats, and in fact is my personal favourite. Their stage presence was electric and this was a fantastic opener. ‘UFO’ showed a more mellow side, with Zakk singing his heart out, followed by ‘Eyes in the Back’, ‘One In The Pink’ and ‘Deathrow’, with the crowd raising horns and fists and singing along. Next up was ‘Ignite The Tide’, the album title, and it was ooooooooo so explosive, followed by ‘Forbidden Tattoo’. ‘Lady Conniver’, another favourite grabbed you by the short and curlies and dragged you to the front of the stage. The classic rock track ‘Hair Of The Dog’ has been released as a charity single in aid of Rainbows Childrens' Hospice, and the legendary 70s rockers Nazareth joined in on backing vocals for the recording; a great live tribute. Ending with ‘Hellshot’, just more confirmation that Kid Ego not only look good in eye liner, they are bringing back the charisma, energy and sexy time of bands such as Motley Crue, GnR and Skid Row.
With their energetic, catchy choruses, Zakk’s distinct vocals, Nickky’s immense drumming (who I hasten to add has been hailed as every bit as talented as Tommy Lee but half the age), Rookie’s flair and facial expressions proving clearly how much he was enjoying himself, Phil’s liveliness and oh, not forgetting Birdy with his awesome guitar solos, each member oozes charm and sex appeal; collectively they put on sheer entertainment at it’s best. The crowd couldn’t get enough, chanting “Ego! Ego! Ego!”
Ego - An exaggerated sense of self-importance and conceit. When you’ve watched the video interview, and checked their musicianship, their ego should be souring, but I am sure you will agree, you couldn’t wish to meet a more grounded, musically accomplished band.
Their debut album ‘Ignite The Tide’ is available at HMV, Virgin Megastores, play.com, amazon.co.uk, i-tunes, Woolworths, powerplaydirect.com, Tesco and Asda. You have no excuse not to find it! A must buy for this year.
In short, Kid Ego Rock!
To check out more, visit www.myspace.com/kidego and www.kidego.co.uk
Til next time, Keep It Loud…