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Check out the gig photos from Profane's album launch party, held at The Ruby Lounge Manchester on 26th June, 2007.  They played an absolutely rocking set, and were very well received by all who attended.
Their album "The Day We Scorched The Sky" is available on their website, and through HMV, Amazon, Play.com, i-Tunes etc


Profane at Manchester Academy 2 (GWAR support) 11th Mar 07


I hadn’t heard of Profane until I learned that they were the support to GWAR (also with Murder One) at Manchester Academy 2. Having got tickets for GWAR, I checked them out on the addictive thing that they call myspaz. I must say their songs demonstrated their own distinctive signature sound. Using great scream to melodic vocals from Phil, beefy bass and “noises” from Darryll, great combo of riffs and solos from both Mark and Luke and not to forget the man behind the drums who keeps everything on beat – Paul.


Profane are a 5 piece metal / experimental band based in Manchester who have enjoyed great experiences and increasing fan base. From supporting bands including Breed 77 to Skindred, Profane are clearly making their name known around the UK, following their highly successful tour. I am pleased to note they are continuing to gig heavily.


Profane opened up with ‘Turning Bloodletting Into An Artform’. This song had an awesome instrumental start, making you wonder what these guys are about, then Phil comes in with his gripping screams, then in contrast, backing down to nice easy vocals; the music is heavy and infectious. Following on from the excellent opening, was ‘Like Branding The Cattle’, ‘Cable Car’ which was very mellow compared to their other songs. This song definitely showed their diversity and how they can combine slow verses to fast choruses), and ‘The Day We Scorched The Sky’ being the title of their debut album. Using double bass drumming, screams, and rawkford riffs this is my favourite song! Up next was ‘Porcelain’ and ‘I Think You’ve Out Stayed Your Welcome’. (Note to Profane – you like your long song titles eh?)  ‘Porcelain’ gives you an idea of their sound with a noooice break for guitar riffs. This song made me think of KSE. It was a real shame to see such a short set, as I think these guys had plenty more to give.


Later on, I caught up with Mark, Phil and Darryll after the set for a chat, and I am sure that our paths will cross again!


If you’re a fan of Killswitch Engage then your deffo gonna like these bad boys! They have some exciting stuff in the pipeline so watch this space.


I recommend you check Profane out and go to www.profanemusic.com or www.myspace.com/profane


Till next time…


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