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Randy Black is one of the most respected metal drummers today. Just take a look at ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxKhUy02_lw ) or ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=de_KDfytTMY ) from one of his drum workshops playing a song from his Annihilator days and a newer song from his Berlin based band DuskMachine. That in itself is enough to take your breath away Ė and his! Shortly due to embark upon a huge tour with Primal Fear, Randy kindly took the time to do this interview before he heads off.

Q Describe your drum set-up, and does it differ depending on the band you are playing with or the situation?

My set up depends on what band I'm recording with at the time, but it's usually one of the following two setups. Set up #1 with Primal Fear, I use 2 kicks, 3 rack toms and 2 floor toms. For cymbals I have 2 hi hats, 2 rides, 4 crashes, 2 splashes and 2 chinaís. Set up #2, I used recently to record a CD with Skew Siskin (hard rock) and for that session I used a single kick, 1 rack tom and 1 floor tom. For cymbals I had 1 hi hat, 3 crashes 1 ride and 1 china.

Q Who would you say is your favourite drummer of all time?
A For many years it was Keith Moon (The Who), then Neil Peart (Rush) These days I have many favorites.
Q You taught drumming for a while.  What did you focus on as a teacher?

I still teach drums. Itís only when Iím busy with one of the bands touring, recording etc. that I donít teach.

What I focus on depends on the student's level and what theyíre trying to achieve. But what I highly recommend to all students is ďRUDIMENTSĒ. In my opinion itís an absolute must!
Q As both a musician and a fan, do you think bands of the 80s era should adjust their sound to todayís market or stay true to their roots?
A I think they should do what they really believe is right for the band/music. After all, itís them who have to live with it for the rest of their lives.
Q Name one highlight from your Annihilator days.
A Meeting my fiancť Ulrike 1995 in Berlin during the King Of The Kill tour. Weíve been together since.
Q Any endorsements?
A Currently Iím endorsing Mapex drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and Aquarian drum heads.
Q Primal Fear's forthcoming CD "New Religion" will be released late September. What can we expect?
A You can expect a further development of the Seven Seals CD, but in my opinion New Religion sounds more brutal. And thereís a first for Primal Fear on this CD, a duet with Ralf and Simone Simons from Epica.
Q Did you face any difficulties during the recording/mixing process?
A The only difficulty I normally face recording with Primal Fear (actually, a lot of sessions seem to go this way) is that we donít rehearse ďat allĒ before going into the studio. So Iím not sure that while Iím working out my drum parts with the demos at home that the guys and producers will like what Iím coming up with. Itís only when weíre actually in the studio that we find out whatís jiving and whatís not. It can be a little stressful at times.
Q Your CD ďPeace BreakerĒ with Skew Siskin was released earlier this year in May.  What has the response been so far?
A Itís been really good. While we were on tour opening for MotŲrhead in France the response to the new tunes from the audience was great, and I heard recently it was CD of the month in Franceís Rockhard!
Q How are you going on finding a new singer for your other project Dusk Machine?
A Very good! Iím sure that by the end of Aug. latest Sept. weíll be announcing a new singer.
Q I read you like comediesÖSouth Park and Spinal Tap. Do you have a favourite quote from each?

South Park - What the hell is a rim job?

Spinal Tap - They were still booing them while we were on!

Q For fun, what is a rim shot? Give a sensible answer if you wish ;)
A Iím going for sensible on this one. Itís when the stick strikes the drum head and rim at exactly the same time giving you a much more powerful sound!


To check out more about Randy, visit

http://www.myspace.com/randytblack and http://www.randyblack.de

I would like to thank Randy for answering these Qs & As and hope he gets to the UK sometime soon.
If so, heíll see me banging my head, right at the front


Till next timeÖ

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