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Rival Faction at The Venue Preston 16th Jan 07

Rival Faction is a 5-piece metal/hardcore band based in Preston, and have been together since September 2006. From a band that was unknown to many, they are now known by any Preston gig go-er!


Before Rival Faction went on, two bands played previously, The Zimbardo Project and Roses On Your Grave. Both bands gave an awesome show. Unfortunately the crowd wasn't up for playing, but they waited and gave some ace pits, ace moves (thanks to Chorley Hardcore and R.C.H.X.C) with windmills, air punches, two-steps and getting down with the sick dance moves, with a hardcore pyramid, it was good to see the crowd was alive!

Soon after, the head-lining band came on – Rival Faction. They opened up with "Day Of The Rope". Great start to the set guys! The people around were literally mouthing the lyrics! 'Day Of The Rope' has a good combination of scream vocals, singing, riffs, beats and catchy lyrics. With his own twist and style of vocals by Mr Sean Marshall, he truly shouts out and stands out from the rest of the unsigned world. In addition, awesome guitar riffage from Ed and Mike, bassin' it up by Matt Park and keeping the beats louder by Matt Holden. 

Throughout the set, Rival Faction gave a good vibe which the audience picked up on. With the band moshin' out and the hardcore kids doing their dancing thing, The Venue was electric. The band gave an exclusive never heard before song – "Shhhhh It's A Library". Personally, I think this gave Rival Faction their name. In one of their songs, bassist Matt gave some scream vocals; now for the shortest person in the band, that boy can scream! Their last song "The New Riot" did it for me, it was heavy, some melodic then came in the scream vox, riffs and beats. Out of all the songs I heard, this was the best. Moreover, one of their songs it's "one more nail in the coffin for you" is hardly a nail in the coffin for becoming mainstream. For a band that was unknown, they have a high standard of sound and hopefully their name will grow as they play more.  

They may sound like Taking Back Sunday to some, but heavier.  Over all, good vibe gig.

You can catch their music on www.myspace.com/rivalfactionuk  

Some audience members think that Rival Faction should wear tighter pants… "…particularly Matt the bassist and Ed…" says two girls who would like to remain anonymous.  

Till next time. Keep it Loud