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Sulli is the drummer from the hard rockin’ 80s style band from Texas, Seventh Rize.


Q How long have you been playing drums and were your family supportive of a career in music?
A I started playing drums around the age of 5.  I saw KISS in 1979 and it changed my life forever.  I remember seeing and hearing the fans go crazy and witnessing Peter Criss’s drum kit rize to the ceiling as the show closed and I thought…”I have to get me some of that!!”  My family has been very supportive.  I definitely would not be here today if it wasn’t for them.  My mom, dad and sister all encouraged me to work hard and to never stop.  I must say that the single biggest support system I have is my beautiful wife and our four amazing children!!  This business is very tough…sometimes brutal…and I would have given up on the “dream” long ago if it weren’t for them.  I will never be able to repay that debt!  I love them dearly.
Q How did the band come up with the name Seventh Rize?
A Funny thing, the band was originally named “2 For One” and while we were in Los Angeles recording we knew we had to change it.  We were originally a cover band and “2 For One” was passable at the time, but as the recording was finishing, Darin and I felt that it was rebirth of the band and we needed a new name.  We literally wrote all kinds of names down on paper and started putting things together.  Seventh Rize…fits the music!
Q Things were looking up in 1999 but you experienced some setbacks by 2004. However in 2006 you and Darin decided to make the commitment in bringing Seventh Rize back to the scene. Is it you two founding members keeping the flame burning?
A Yes and no.  There’s a lot that goes into making a band happen.  Each member brings something to the picture.  Darin and I are the founding members, but there’s no way we could be doing this without Jerry, Tim and Henry.  Those guys give us 110% and that is what makes Seventh Rize work!
Q You’ve now re-released “Visceral Rock” with some fresh songs and artwork. Who produced that album? How different is it from the first and how long did it take to edit?

Bobby Rock (Nelson, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Slaughter) produced “Visceral Rock”.  The re-release is exactly the same audio as the first issue.  The only thing changed is the artwork.  Funny thing is…it seems new.  Everything you hear was recorded in January 2000, but it still seems new.  It’s amazing what a new cover with a half naked chick will do for moral!  Since we decided to bring Seventh Rize back, it seemed right to do a re-release and start fresh.  We get questions about new material and I can honestly say that we are writing new stuff as we speak, but each band member lives in a different city or state, so actual writing/rehearsal time is hard to come by…but a new Seventh Rize album will be out by early 2008!  Los Angeles…here we come!!

Q You opened for White Lion in July and Warrant and Firehouse early September. What was that experience like?
A AWESOME!!  No better way to jump-start the band than doing our first show out opening for White Lion.  Warrant/Firehouse was top notch too!  The key to this is to get in front of as many people as possible and all three of these bands have loyal followings and we made lots of new friends!!
Q The internet and myspace is obviously a great promotional tool for bands, but do you think it is fair to say that it has become saturated? Also, what do you think about the mp3 music industry nowadays, is it a positive or negative thing?
A Myspace is saturated, but that’s not a bad thing.  Just makes it harder to find what you’re looking for.  I still think it’s a good idea for a band to have an “official” site on the net and not just rely on Myspace as their only source of exposure.  Mp3 music is cool, as long as people pay for it.  I’m not a fan of downloading the stuff for free.  The general public doesn’t have a clue how much time, money and sacrifice goes into writing songs, recording them and releasing an album.  The artist should rightfully receive compensation for his/her work.
Q There has been somewhat of a revival of classic rock recently, and more of it appearing in the mainstream of music. Do you think this helps to gain more recognition from a younger audience?
A Yes I do!  It’s really strange for a youngster to call Skid Row classic rock, but if they dig it and support it…who cares!!  There are definitely some cool bands on the national level that have helped revamp this style of music and Seventh Rize is very appreciative!  We are receiving emails, online orders, etc…from younger listeners.  It’s weird to think that a lot of our fans were actually in grade school when we were recording “Visceral Rock”, but yet again…this music is universal and is about serving the song. 
Q Any endorsements?
A Yes!  Sonor Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead Drumsticks and Peavey Electronics endorse us.  Wonderful companies that go the extra mile for Seventh Rize!
Q Does Seventh Rize have a street team?
A Not yet.  I need to look into that.  Any volunteers???
Q What’s next for Seventh Rize.  I believe work has already started for your new album.  Who will be producing it?
A Well, we are writing new stuff and hope to have our second release out by early 2008.  As of right now, we are looking at having Bob Kulick (KISS, Motorhead, etc) produce.  Our immediate plans are to get a tour happening this fall.  We are working with a few agents to get an 8 to 12 week tour booked…starting in October.   Since our lead vocalist, Henry Font of Pist.On, has come back to the band we are getting a lot of attention in Europe, so we might be flying across the pond for some dates!!
Q What are your interests outside the band?
A My wife and kids are obviously my life!!  My wife would disagree and say that music is everything…but the reality is that they are my world!  So, when I’m not consumed in the music biz (phone calls, emails, meetings, rehearsals, etc), I spend a lot of time with them.  Additionally, I am involved in the health club industry.  Owning and managing clubs. 
Q For fun, would you rather be stuck in an episode of Dallas or Walker Texas Ranger?

Neither!!  Put me in an episode of “Making the Band” with P Diddy…NOT!!


Thanks so much your for time and interest!!  Let The Music Do The Talking….Seventh Rize!! 

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