Ryan Harris is the vocalist for Canadian rock band Silvercade. I LOVE this band…they have a raunchy hard rocking sound.  Kick back, open a beer and get down with SILVERCADE.

Q How did Silvercade come about, and how long have you been together?
A Well, basically we’re the product of 2 previous bands. I (Ryan) was in a band called Back Against The Wall, and the rest of the guys (Trevor, Joel, and Andrew) were in a band called NoAlternative. Neither band was working out very well, so eventually I found the guys through an online ad, and we got together for a jam session. The rest is history. SILVERCADE played their first show in mid-December 2006. So by that date, the band is still under a year old.
Q For a relatively new band you have a great polished sound, whilst retaining a gritty raw rock side.  Is that something that comes naturally?
A It really does come naturally. We all grew up listening to bands out of the grunge scene, which is probably where we get our grit from, but at the same time we try and make our productions as nice as possible.
Q Inspirationally, on a personal level, what is it you look for in the music that you want to produce?
A The main thing we are looking for, as a band, is music that is listenable that will get stuck in your head, but at the same time requires some musicianship and talent to play. We’d like the music to cross over boundaries and be something that is enjoyed by more than one group of people.
Q Which has been your favourite gig that you've played and why?
A My personal favourite would probably be our first show ever under the name SILVERCADE. It was a show at a famous Canadian venue called The Horseshoe Tavern. It’s a place that has had bands like the Rolling Stones play, and we were finally able to see what kind of a reaction a crowd would have to our music. Ever since that night it’s been obvious that we couldn’t stop this train even if we tried.
Q I don’t know who produced your cd, but when it comes to hiring a producer or hiring an engineer, what attributes do you look for? Where did you record the album and who did produce it?
A We do everything ourselves. We’re lucky to have Joel and Trevor be as well versed in the studio as they are. It saves us a load of cash and we have complete control over our songs, which is very nice. If we were ever to take on a producer, it would have to be someone with some serious credentials…it’s hard trusting someone with your music. Every song is like a child to you!
Q Who composes the music and the lyrics?
A Basically everyone writes their own parts in SILVERCADE. It usually starts with a guitar riff that Joel has written, then moves from there. I write the vocal melodies and the lyrics as far as that part of things is concerned. I’m lucky to have a band that trusts me with that side of things, which really encourages me to be creative.
Q What has been the media and fan reaction so far?
A So far it has been incredible. We’ve had our stuff online available to listen to on myspace for roughly 9 months now, and within that first 9 months we’ve had over 100 THOUSAND plays on myspace. The albums are selling really well and the media attention has been fantastic so far. It’s been quite the trip compared to the band I came from. 
Q What event or milestone would you like to reach in 2008 to consider the year a success?
A I’d like 2008 to be our breakout year. We’re about to shoot our first music video, and do a radio and television blitz by the end of 2007, so with any luck we may get the right attention from the right people. But realistically, if we were to double our stats from our first year, and get out on tour for a few months I would consider the year to be a complete success.
Q Do you either refrain from anything or do anything specific for your voice box?
A No, although I probably should. I’ve started drinking wine before shows instead of beer, haha, that’s pretty much the extent of my preparation. At the moment we don’t play more than 3 days in a row usually, so I can get some time to recover. Eventually I may have to start doing a lot of warm ups and things like that, but for now I just go out and rock without worries.
Q Describe the other members of the band individually, in four words each.
A Joel – Quiet, introspective, talented, smart.
Trevor – Funny, multi-talented, quick tempered
Andrew – Intense, perfectionist, hard working
Q What’s in the pipeline for Silvercade?
A Well, without giving away TOO much, we’re working on some big things at the moment. We’ve been generating some interest with a lot of the right people lately, so we’re working on getting some support behind the band financially and otherwise. You’ll be seeing some interesting things over the next few months which I’ll be posting on our myspace as they come.
Q I love to end on a silly question, so for fun, would you prefer to appear in an identity parade for a serious crime or to feature on a billboard warning against STDs? Please briefly discuss the pros and cons of each :p
A Well, they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, so I think in this case I’d rather appear in an identity parade for a serious crime. I think more people would see it. Plus, that would at least seem dangerous, whereas a billboard for STD prevention would seem ridiculous and funny….not to mention it would ruin my love life hahaha.

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