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Sweet Seduction  - The Cavern – 15th April, 2007


Sweet Seduction is a 5 piece wild boys band who clearly love what they do! Coming out of the depths of metal roots (Birmingham) these guys know how to rock with attitude.


Sweet Seduction opened with an awesome track that captivated the crowd with ‘Black Leather’. You knew from their presence and owning that stage that they wanted to give a show never to forget. Following on from the first track was a nice lead onto the next tune – ‘Come Tomorrow’ – this song certainly shows off individuals in the band like Rob’s vocals, Randii’s beastie drumming, Ian – with his low slung bass who most certainly is no stranger to the stage in fact he looked like he was born to be there, and not to forget the two awesome axe men – DC and Paul.


With their sound firmly entrenched in the 80s era, hot cocky stage presence and not to mention gorgeous long hair (apart from Randy with his wicked mohican) these guys certainly stand out from bands today. They carried on with the set by playing ‘Good Time Girl’, ‘System’, ‘Crazy City Blues’ and wrapping up the set with my favourite song ‘One Hell, One Hell Of A Night’ which is IMMENSE! Sounds like ACDC, but a new ACDC (yes I said a NEW ACDC!). Such a short set, but such a great band! There’s only one way for Sweet Seduction, and that’s up. Their strong work ethic to gig their rocks off, in my mind, I have no doubt we will be seeing these lads in bigger venues soon. For those about to rock, we salute you!


To see more of these guys, their links are – www.sweetseductionmusic.com OR www.myspace.com/sweetseductionmusic 


Till next time…Keep It Loud