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The Taz Taylor Band (featuring Graham Bonnet) at Riffs, Blackpool 26th June, 2007


The Taz Taylor Band has confirmed it!  I was born 30 years too late.


Blackpool was full of energy as the classic rock sound of the Taz Taylor Band (featuring Graham Bonnet formerly of Rainbow/Michael Schenker Group/Alcatrazz fame) hit the stage.

Performing a great set, full of everyone’s favourites from Graham’s fabulous career, including “Eyes Of The World”, “Love’s No Friend Of Mine”, “Since You’ve Been Gone”, “Lost In Hollywood”, “All Night Long”, “Stargazer”, “Night Games” and “Desert Song” the crowd lapped it up.

I learned in my video interview that Taz was raised on the classic hard rock of the late 70s and 80s which clearly has been a strong influence.  Whilst the TTB sound is firmly entrenched in classic rock, they still know how to rock it, appealing to a wide variety of mixed ages.

From hearing previews on their myspace page, I was instantly hooked and their live set did not disappoint.  Watching Taz play was mesmorising, as he appeared to be immersed in his own guitar world.

It was brilliant to see Taz Taylor and the rest of his band showing off their talents, by performing a medley of instrumentals from their first album “Caffeine Racer”.

My personal favourites of the night were “Fighter’s Fist” with it’s upbeat and catchy tune and also “Radio Luxembourg” because of it’s toe-tapping, head banging rhythm.

Needless to say, I bought the album “Welcome To America”, and “Silent Fall” is immense, you have to hear it. You do need some surprises, after all.


Check out more, and visit http://www.taztaylor.com and http://www.myspace.com/taztaylorband

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