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Throttle at Club Nirvana 24th June, 2007


Throttle is a four-piece band from Wigan and the members, Mike, Mark, Chris and Martyn, like true northern lads, live for Sex, Pies and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

They opened up their set with “Sheriff Killer” which was a cracking number and as soon as they came on, their presence instantly made a mark!

Following on, they did Metallica proud with their rendition of “Sad But True”.  You can tell Metallica is one of their main influences, not only by Chris’ T-Shirt, but the old school sound that they played so well.

Third song, “Throttle”, still carrying on with the James Hetfield vocals from Mike, Throttle continued working it, with their power stances and cheeky grins.  Chris’ solo was immense, playing beyond his years – yes it is hard to believe he is only 18, Mark moshing on bass whilst keeping the beat steady was Martyn.

The fourth song was also from their album “Forged In Metal”, and the chemistry between them during “Humanity Vs Insanity” showed that they were clearly having a great time.

Up next was “For Queen And Country” - anarchists in heavy metal, throwing one finger up!

A nice surprise was the switch to vocals by Mark for a cover of Soil’s “Halo” which was for me, the highlight of the gig.

Lastly, they ended on “Churchill The Great” which was my personal favourite of Throttle’s own work.  Slow, and although not technical, was brutal and heavy.

Well done lads, Throttle did justice to old school metal.

To check out more, visit http://www.throttlemetal.co.uk and http://www.myspace.com/throttlemetal

Til next time, Keep It Loud…