Tribuzy is a Brazilian metal band fronted by singer Renato Tribuzy. In 2005, they released their album ‘Execution’ which featured guest performances by Heavy Metal legends Bruce Dickinson, Roland Grapow, Matt Sinner, Ralf Scheepers, and Michael Kiske – wow! Later the same year Tribuzy was able to perform the album on stage which has now been released as a DVD.

Q Hi Renato, please tell me a little about yourself. How did you start in music and briefly how you came to be where you are today?

Hello, I started my musical life with an Iron Maiden cover band, when I was 12 years old, after that, I created my first real band called “Horizon”; it was a progmetal band, we recorded our first demo in 1993 I guess, but we never recorded a full real album. After that I started my next band called “Thoten”, it was a band a little bit more 80’s style, but we still had too much prog influence. We recorded an album called “Beyond Tomorrow’ and with them I had my first European and South American tour, which was great. When the band broke I decided to take my next step with a solo band, the reason of my solo band decision happened because I had been trying to get into the musical life since I was 12 years old.  After all the negative experiences I had before with my other bands, I decided to have my own band, with no possibility of internal fights (laughter) after all, it was a solo band, I really hope never to fight with myself (laughter).

Q Execution must have been an enormous task to co-ordinate.  How long did it take from your original idea?
A It took something around 4 years to make this crazy idea a reality. To write an album is not easy, I mean, a real album, something that has a reason to be done, the lyrics, riffs, chorus…all things in the “Execution” album has a reason to be there, and it is difficult, but the real difficult thing is to adapt the song to the guest style; each song was written with the guest that would play on it in mind.
Q To work with such well known and respected/admired artists must have been amazing! What was going through your mind at the concert?
A (laughter) it was that I couldn’t stop to laugh, it was a dream, and I was so happy that you can see during the concert on the DVD, my jumps on the stage and my happy face during the whole concert (laughter). The only thing I remember well was during the first song when I saw the audience screaming with me, singing all songs, and I thought WOW, it was an unbelievable sensation.
Q In my own bio, I have written that I would like to travel abroad and meet Bruce Dickinson.  You have done both; tell me about the highlights of those experiences, where was your favourite place, and what would you like to achieve or do over the next few years, personally and musically?

Well, I don’t know what to say (laughter), the first time I spoke with him was amazing, he was touring with Iron Maiden here in Brazil during the Dance of Death tour, and a guy from the production of the concert gave me a call saying that Bruce would like to speak to me. I freaked out! I met with him in a hotel, I know that Chris Dale and Roy Z contacted him that day saying something like “Hey, don’t forget to call Renato, give him a chance to show to you his ideas”. But the real killer thing was that Bruce decided to give me this chance, during a HUGE Maiden Brazilian tour, so as I mentioned before, I don’t know what to say (laughter) was f****** killer lucky from my side. After that, I met him other times, and it was great. He is a very nice guy and all the things that he has done for me and my career, were amazing. I became a huge fan of him even more than I already was before. About the second question, I got married last November 15th which was a dream that I have been fighting to realize since the day this wonderful woman crossed my life. It is about my personal life, about professional life, I just follow my instincts, and let’s see, but the professional life, my new album is already done and I think I will start to record it in April of 2008.

Q What was your first contact with Mat Sinner?
A By e-mail (laughter), I listened to his solo album called “The Nature Of Evil” and I decided to record a cover of the title track, then I sent a message to him talking about that idea. He liked and answered me saying “Ok go ahead...” so after my first recording day of this song I decided to invite him and Ralf to take part on this track and they loved the idea. Before this recording period, I had spoken with them personally during a Primal Fear tour here in Brazil.They are great guys and we became great friends.
Q How much has his experience helped you in terms of knowing the inside track of the music industry?
A Wow…a LOT, Mat knows everybody, but the most important thing to me was that he always helped me with my live album, studio album and so on. He is a great guy and a person from whom I have much to learn!
Q When can we expect the next album?
A I hope to have all things recorded and mixed before July of 2008, let’s see, I’m producing many Heavy Metal bands here in Brazil and it takes a lot of my time, so I’m trying to find some free time to work on my next album.
Q Do you feel any pressure to ‘top’ the last project?
A No, I think this pressure should have happened with the album Execution, For being my first solo album and for the guests who took part on it. But even like that, I do not feel any pressure with the Execution album, so I don’t think that it will come now on my second album, as I mentioned before, I just follow my instincts, and in the end I must be happy with what I recorded, and after that I release the album!!!
Q Tell me about your part in the metal opera, Soul Spell, and how you came to be involved.
A I got a message from Heleno, the guy who wrote the whole album, and he invited me to sing one song, so when I listened to the song, I had to say “let’s do it” because it was really great. I hope people like this project because he is working hard on it.
Q Any plans to tour the UK?
A For sure, I have a good friend there called Chris Dale, from Sack Trick and Bruce’s band, sometimes I get from him some messages with places to play in UK, and I hope to be there soon, I’m working on this European tour plan next year, let’s see!!!
Q Anything you would like to add that you want people to know about?
A I just would like to say thanks to you and everyone who has supported us around the world, thanks a lot and I hope to see you guys face to face soon!!!!
Q Ending on a completely random note, for fun, something that perhaps not many people know, is there anything that completely annoys you?

I don´t know, I think policy irritates me, I can´t see so many stupid decisions without having the deep desire to kick some asses (laughter).

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I would like to thank Renato for answering these questions.

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