Photographer, Music Lover, Edge, Manchild. A lover of music in general, but has a special place for punk and all of its metaphorical children. A student of photography and hopefully a person spending far too much money on a Masters next year to increase intelligence level by ‘1’. Enjoyer of music, a collector of all types of releases: tapes, CDs, vinyls and even for the insane bands who hate their fans the odd floppy disk (yes, we’ve reached that stage in striving for originality now). Playing many an instrument to varying levels of annoyance of neighbours and friends and always out for laugh and a jam. I play/program drums in a band called Sermon, we’re all grim and frostbitten as its Black Metal.

I like doing photography, people seem to like my photos, with a couple of bands sneaking my images onto the covers of their releases, onto the back and some other places too. It’s pretty fun.

And that’s me, oddly in a mainly third person written way. Stay Posi.