Hello, I am a music obsessed male who studies Journalism at UCLan University. My ambition is to review and interview for a music magazine. Outside of writing about music I also get involved in my local music scene, playing in a band and helping out in any way that I can.

My interest in music began at the end of primary school when I first discovered metal. This has since consumed my life, going to gigs since the age of 12 [I wont mention the band ha] I have based most my free time watching bands perform. I am unashamed to admit my main hobby is collecting C.Ds and I regularly visit record shops where my wallet is completely drained.

My first writing job was for online magazine Headbang. This was a good learning curve and greatly increased my interest for Journalism. I now write for my Universities Magazine PR1 as well as doing my own reviewing of local bands.

My other main enjoyment in life is playing the Bass guitar. I am open to playing any kind of music as long as it is enjoyable and has integrity.

My music taste itself is primarily Metal, I love discovering new bands but find I can be very picky with my choices. Outside of Metal I listen to Punk, Rock and a small amount of Blues.



Favourite food: Pizza
Pets: Donít have any. Really want a cat!
Additional Interests: Drinking, Ladies.
Favourite book: English Dictionary. Iím not much of a reader.
Favourite movies: Evil Dead, Braindead, Hellraiser. Massive Horror fan basically.
Band I want to interview: Clutch!
Things I want to do before I die: Become better at Bass, Form Stoner/Doom band ĎSpace Lizardí, Convince the world that Journey are utter crap.
Things I'm scared of: I canít think of anything that scares me. Sudden noises can make me jump though.
Most embarrassing moment: Accidental bum showing when playing flat football, well