My names Matt Gerrard. I live for music that's louder than everything else.

Born in 1990 the original goal of my entire life was to escape my home town of Morecambe. However as time progressed and i bought more albums, my mission changed. I HAD to be involved in the Rock/Metal world. So i formed a band. We had no instruments, couldn't play instruments, but we could do metal karaoke.
Though i still love to play (i learnt guitar), my focus has now shifted into supporting the growth of this amazing genre. A keen supporter of my local Preston scene, i want to review well known bands as well as the unknown ones. Help keep the old alive and encourage the new. I now study journalism full time at UCLAN and dream of becoming a full time Metal writer.
Rock on.

Nationality: British
Favourite food: MEAT FEAST PIZZA
Pets: Not my bag.
Additional Interests: Blackstar. Jackson King V's. Gibson SG's and Les Paul Customs
Favourite book: Horus Heresy
Favourite movies: Star Wars, Transformers.
Band I want to interview: KREATOR
Things I want to do before I die: Play a festival
Things I'm scared of: Being Forgotten
Most embarrassing moment: Involves a taxidermied Ox and some ice. . .
Favourite Cartoon: Roadrunner
Favourite Comedians: Kenny Powers. (i know he's a character but hell he's funny.)