Thrash and Burn Tour, Manchester

Containing no thrash whatsoever was the nevertheless fantastic Thrash and Burn tour.
Openers were modern death metallers Revocation. Unfortunately the night didnít get off to a good start with a bland set from a band that sounded like a million others. Things didnít step up much for Beneath The Massacre who did the tried and tested formula of mixing modern hardcore with death metal.
Things picked up a gear when technical wizards Origin took to the stage. Origin proved why they are one of the leaders of the technical death metal scene with a set that was incredibly tight and entertaining. New vocalist Mica Meneke proved himself a worthy replacement, growling furiously and encouraging the pandemonium caused by the audience.
Headliners Dying Fetus, despite having a ridiculous name, put on a spellbinding show. Determined not to be out done by Origin, Dying Fetus gave everything they had with a great balance of crushing groove and technical passages. The band played a varied set, seeing old classics rubbing shoulders with new favourites. The crowd lapped up each stomping riff and made the band know they were wanted with a deafening roar greeting each song. One of the best death metal bands in the current live arena.

Beneath The Massacre-2/5
Dying Fetus-4/5