We mostly think of the larval hot bed of Portuguese metal belonging solely to dark metal giants Moonspell yet there's a glimmer of hope for newcomers Darkside of Innocence as they offer a few teasing glimpses of what could have potentially been quite a solid symphonic metal outfit. Had they decided not to release the album only via download and instead on cd format, they might have stoked up a fair amount of interest from the symphonic metal quarter. Their debut Infernum Liberus Est is at least a half decent stab in the dark at mid pace epic symphonic metal which swings wildly between the well matched, cantering guitar sections of Bloody Mistress and the syrupy wallowing epic interludes with simpering female vocals scattered throughout the album. Despite being well orchestrated these are often slapped haphazardly between skilled guitar shredding, adding little sense of climax or momentum, which is a shame; had the two elements been matched more cohesively, the final product would have sounded like the predatory offspring of Under Satanae  era Moonspell and Cradle of Filth's Damnation and a Day phase . Equally disappointing is the slightly recycled riffage of A Cursed Dawn Eclipsed which has been shamelessly snatched from the aforementioned. Criticisms aside however, this is a highly original and musically sound first attempt. Let’s hope that the self professed Sophia's Heirs will get their act together soon enough.


Label Unsigned

My Space http://www.myspace.com/darksideofinnocence


Reviewer: Charlotte Beskeen

Now I'm a fan of all things rock and metal, I have never really given Madina Lake the time of day (probs because back when they were starting, they had that whole Flock of Seagulls hair doo going on), but I have to say from I am liking the new Madina Lake.

The guys are certainly hitting the Kerrang / Rock Sound buyer market with their sound of pop rock punk with some new generation New Romantics of the 21st century vibe.

I'm sure Madina Lake fans wont be disapointed with 'Attics to Eden', but I would ask non Madina Lake fans to check out my personal stand out tracks.

Stand out tracks for me are 'Legends', 'Welcome to Oblivion' and 'Statistics' (although you can hear a little NIN influence with 'The Hand That Feeds' - ever so slightly though). Fans for Kill Hannah, My Passion and Serpico might dig this album.

Label Roadrunner

My Space http://www.myspace.com/madinalake


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

What a find! This has to be my perfect band, kickin' it old skool with sleazy riffs and a sense of "fun" metal. Hailing outta Atlanta, this band sound and look rock n roll. They totally have that old hard rock style, but watch out theres some new kids on the block with a twist of their own. If you can imagine a combo of The Used and Motley Crue then you'll like these boys.

Roadrunner's press release for them states "Steadlür kick out their own intoxicating brand of rock 'n' roll ecstasy" - too effin right!

Stand outs have to be the opening track 'Poison', 'Bumpin', 'My Mom Hates Me' (haha love the lyrics), 'Its Too Late' and 'Time'.

Hell if myself and Dan Jacobs of Atreyu like 'em, then so should you :P

Label Roadrunner

My Space http://www.myspace.com/steadlur


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

An atmospheric start to the album with entry track, Insemination. Some true Evil Scarecrow riffs, beats and vocals. I’m so glad the band has kept to their roots, but it was pleasant to hear that they have nurtured their craft and skills musically, with some Maiden-esque influences. The morbid (yet funny), atmospheric tales from ‘Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six’ covers themes such as historical epic Horatius, which was based on a poem from Lord Babington Macaulay, religious fanatics (The Architect of Hate) and just being a depressed emo teenager (Blacken the Everything). Stand out track would have to be Choose Metal and Godzilla Lament (which was probs first announced during my interview at Bloodstock 2008!). Any metal band that can pull off singing about Godzilla in an absolute credible way…well I take my hat off to you Sirs and Ma'am!

What put a smile on my face was to hear a new edit of their all time classic (and one that corrupted my younger brother to the dark side - get your fans when they are young) Robotron! :D Evil Scarecrow is one of those bands that once seen, never forgotten - and that's a good thing! Definitely one of my fave bands.


Label Unsigned - wth?


MySpace www.myspace.com/evilscarecrowhome


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal



Sacred Mother Tongue is an English band who is currently melting the faces off their listeners. “The Ruin of Man” is the debut album from Sacred Mother Tongue released on Transcend Records.

This album is just simply wow! I was gripped from “The End” (that’s its first track). A few other stand outs on the album would have to be “Two Thousand Eight Hundred (kick arse music video), “Talking To The Ears Of The Deaf” and “The Suffering”. They are aggressive yet melodic - the perfect metal band! Andy James’ technical guitar ability is amazing and complimented by the expressive vocals of Darrin South. Darrin expertly draws you into the story of each song, and I couldn’t wait to hear more. This is deffo a band ready to take things to the next step and hopefully this will be recognised by their passionate and entertaining live performance. Watch out for “The Ruin Of Man”, due for release in April.


Label Transcend Records


MySpace http://www.myspace.com/sacredmothertongue


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

Silverlane are a melodic and innovative power metal band from Germany. The debut album from Silverlane is titled “My Inner Demon” release date on Feb 20th 2009 by Drakkar Records.


The album has the energy of traditional power metal, but has some darker elements with the title track “My Inner Demon”.  It’s refreshing to listen to a new hard rock / power metal band that just blow you away with great musicianship and powerful vocals. My favourite track from the album is “Wings Of Eternity”. Grasping the epic metal element with detailed arrangements, Silverlane capture majestic power metal without being over the top.


Fast. Explosive. Epic. METAL!


Label Drakkar


MySpace http://www.myspace.com/silverlanepowermetal


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

One More Piece

A gripping introduction to the album with “The Quake”. Every track on the album is a winner with me. My favourites are “Halcyon Days” and “Hollywood”. This band has a groove factor with an old skool sounding Korn feel to it. I would put this band on my must see live list, and so should you.  If you like your metal melodic/screamo with hefty beaty riffs, “One More Piece” works extremely well.

Label Drakkar

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/sikhmusic


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal
The Dying
Triumph of Tragedy

I have to say that when I first listened to Triumph of Tragedy”, I wasn’t buying it. However, I do believe that you should listen to an album a few times to get a proper feel and vibe of the music. After another listen, it turned out to be a head spinning album. With head moshing music and great gritty vocals, this makes The Dying a band to certainly see live. I can imagine with a great crowd of thrash and groove metal heads, it’s a recipe to be dying for. Stand out tracks are “Serpent”, “Gotham” and “Jesus The Judas” (I can imagine that the title turned some heads!). Overall, a good album worth a purchase.

Label Drakkar

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/thedyingmusic


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal
Dysfunctional By Choice
Travelling In Travel

Cross this band with Viking Skull, Clutch, Turbo Negro and American Band – yes that varied. What I like about this band is how they surprise you with their diversity.

“Alert” shows off their musical talent and title track 'Travelling In Travel' stands out.

The only negative thing I will say about this album is that there are a lot of fillers.  

Label Drakkar

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/dysby


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal
Gust of Rage

The opening song “Greaser One” is an explosive entry to S-core’s album, “Gust of Rage” and immediately sets the pace. The next tune to ‘score’ is “Gust of Rage” which is particularly one of my favourites from the album, along with “Buried” and “In Memoriam Fix”. With little interlude of music to prepare you for the next onslaught, it blows your mind and will certainly get you going in a pit. On listening to the music and reading the lyrics, everything is thought out and planned to create pit anthem masterpieces. Throughout, it’s a mixture of heavy pounding riffs and beats with scream vocals to create an essential Gust of Rage within you.

Label Drakkar

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/scorepower


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal


Captain Anstis are a four piece hardcore metal band from Carlisle, England, formed in 2007. With their name originating from the legendary pirate Thomas Anstis, this was the foundation on what to play and how to play it – “It’s what would have happened if you gave 18th century pirates on galleons electric guitars” – taken from their website.


Their debut EP titled “Good Fortune” (which was also the name of Captain Thomas Anstis’ pretty boat…ship) shows a good grounding of gritty guitar sounds, heavy pounding drums with hardcore vocals. From the start to the end of the EP, it’s a non-stop overview of what the buccaneers are about. Stand out tracks would have to be the crowd favourite “Ice Breaker” or “The Ice Breaker Session”. A music video is planned for the near future. The EP production quality isn’t that brill, but it’s a DIY-er, and for a new band on the scene it’s not bad. I think they have a promising future, and my only advice is to take no prisoners and give nothing back…and play loud.


Label Unsigned


MySpace http://www.myspace.com/captainanstis


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

With a pounding explosive start to this 5 track demo CD 'Feel The Chill' instantly sets the stage, giving a great insight into what Asomvel is all about. There’s a party feel to this band with good ol’ rock n roll styles and lyrics. Motorhead is clearly a huge influence. Stand out tracks for me have to be ‘To Hell With The Rest’ and ‘How The Mighty Fall’. The 3 B’s spring to mind when I listen to Asomvel – Bikes, Booze and Blokes :D (Babes if you’re a guy hehe). Well worth checking out.

Label Unsigned


MySpace http://www.myspace.com/asomvel


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

The Letzte Instanz 8th studio album entitled “Schuldig” (meaning Guilty in German), has a feel of gothic industrial metal with elements of folk metal but with all round heavy rock (now there's a mixture for you!). Incorporating cellos and violins into their sound, stand out tracks for me are “Mein Engel” and “Eisherz” – I simply love these two songs. "Flucht ins Glück" will be the first single to be lifted off the album. Other tracks on the album feature special guests such as Aylin Aslim on “Der Garten” and also on “Dein Lichet” along with Jesus On Extasy pianist Leandra. I really like to hear the result when outside influences play a part giving something new and fresh to an already talented, varied and innovative band.

Whilst German isn’t my second language, in short, I really enjoyed listening to this album, proving music is the language of the world.


Label Drakkar


MySpace http://www.myspace.com/letzteinstanz


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

Lions Share blasted onto the scene in 1995, a time when I was 5 years old, starting school and PlayStation 1 was all the rage. The band brought out their first album “Two” and have continued keeping it real. Lions Share aren’t holding back, they open with “Judas Must Die” a full throttle fast guitars and pounding beats attack – they are giving you the full amount of what they have to offer. Another gem that Sweden has to offer the metal world! Stand out tracks are “Phantom Rider”, “Heavy Cross to Bear”, “Bottomless Pit” – a great metal album if you fancy melodic and heavy metal. If you haven't discovered this band yet, why not?

Label Blistering Records

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/lionsshare


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

Morph consist of 4 members – Mark, Joe, Sam and Harry. I first came across Morph at Rock of Ages Festival in 2007. Two years on, they’ve had a rock n roll make over not only musically but image too, looking and sounding absolutely brilliant. They have energy with full blown classic rock n blues all the way. Rockin' beats and impressive guitars, this CD is just easy to let loose and rock out to. Showcasing a variety of styles, the guys let rip on “Dead Pretty” later mellowing out with “Stanley”. A possible crowd pleaser I would imagine is “Pick up the Phone”. I would say deffo go down to a gig if they’re playing near you. All the best guys!

Label Unsigned

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/morphrock


Reviewer: Angel Of Metal

Hellfire Review- Sunday 8th November



NO MADE SENSE - The name says it all really. When these guys emerged on stage resplendent in suits, polished brogues and each sporting a cocky little smirk we were in for a messy ride. Aside from sounding like the spazzed out, trippy offspring of Meshuggah time signatures meets Cult of Luna with a few Faith No More bass guitar sections thrown in for good measure these guys could offer us very little entertainment. Twenty minutes later it’s no surprise that the lead guitarist Leonardo's characteristic side crab walk is attracting far more attention than the sonic trash he's creating.


Throwing a good dose of despair on the night's proceedings are  KATATONIA who take  to the main stage with Ghost of the Sun. Thankfully this is looking considerably better than their sterile Bloodstock performance, during which Renske's vocals became progressively flatter. A darkened room and a more intimate venue help to drag us closer into the desired web of melancholy, yet it seems a crying shame that the grave masses aren't fed any of the crushing doom from Brave Murder Day or Dance of December Souls. Still, we are treated to Forsaken off Night Is The New Day, a brooding slice of post rock that picks up where The Great Cold Distance left off.


There's nothing more we need after a sonic dirge than some slap up, Rob Zombie inspired glam rock in the shape of SPIT LIKE THIS - Unfortunately their cock rock performance is energised only marginally as all three hop skip and chase each other with a tambourine. As the trio's efforts sag desperately into base pantomime, let alone a credible Wednesday 13 rip off its time to slouch off to the main stage in anticipation of ANATHEMA. Watching them perform Sleepless I'm suddenly reminded of why Britain and doom are so inseparable: the introspective, brooding sentiment that stipulates us to drink tea and indulge in pessimistic moaning is brought to life with a delicately heartfelt musicality. This is possibly one of the most involved performances of the night, bettered only by Fields of The Nephilim.


Thrashing next on the Terrorizer stage like a nest of fledgling scorpions are CINDERS FALL who finally kick us into gear after some extensive sound checks. They instantly grab us by the balls (and tits) with a ferociously tight hybrid of metal core and technical thrash. For a band recently birthed from lovable Essex they show considerable panache: singer Antony's performance is fuelled with violent passion on a par with Randy Blythe. At the question of Thrash metal?!! they dive energetically into a surge of eardrum splicing tech-thrash that all at once puts Municipal Waste's fondly named 'party t(h)rash' to shame and tears it way to the front of the pack amongst the likes of The Setup and Devildriver.


Champing at the bit next are our Italian Anglo Mafioso ABGOTT, clearly less than impressed by their clinically officious stage set, poor bastards. True to their reputation however they drag us out office boredom and into a blood-crazed frenzy with Kronos Cosmic Throne and slabs of progressive 70s inspired Black Metal from Godfather In Black. The crowd offer a snort of derision as drummer Morgwar dismisses the provided drum kit as 'fisher price'.


The emerging sea of cowboy hat clad, starry eyed goths at the main stage can only mean the onstage arrival of the mighty  FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, replete with grave dust, Stetsons and icy eyed nonchalance. There's no room here for anything but mysterious austerity here as the stonily indifferent McCoy and co duly feed the squirming masses Moonchild, and Straight to the Light amongst a host of other mist slathered nut crackers. Evidently, this is enough for the gathered goth cloud to leave the reputed armpit of the UK for home in a dust filled reverie.